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When I Got Kid Approval

By John Schulte                                                                                                                                        January 15, 2018

I was a finalist on ABC’s “The Toy Box” Season 2, where I got to showcase Poshies, which I developed from start to finish, debut some Jessica Rabbit hair on national television, and scat bebop with Eric Stonestreet! It was a wonderful whirlwind.

How did it start? Halfway through my journey at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, my parents, who own a creative development company, were contacted by a production company and asked if they had any inventions that they’d like to present on this reality competition show, called “The Toy Box,” now in its second season. They connected the casting folks with me, and I went through numerous phone, Skype, and written interviews for a few months. Then finally I got a call telling me I was to be featured on “The Toy Box” with my prototypes of Poshies!

I’ve never had stage fright in my life, and I have had some experience on international and national television as a performer and also as a film actress, so I wasn’t nervous for that part.... But I was insanely nervous about real kids expressing their candid opinions of my product concept! Kids are so blunt and honest because they haven’t learned to hide their feelings generally as well as their elders. I was pleasantly surprised because they were sweeter than high fructose and ended up loving my toy, regardless of their gender or age! It was so gratifying, really, to see Poshies being enjoyed. I am also a songwriter in 10+ genres, and it was quite similar to what it is like to hear one of my songs being played by other musicians for the first time. There is nothing like producing art (and yes, I consider inventions a kind of art) and being able to enrich someone else’s life with it. The smiles on those kids’ faces were priceless!

My fellow contestants on “The Toy Box” were some of the most resourceful and kind people I’ve ever met. I felt so privileged to be on screen alongside all of them. The crew and staff were also exceptional. Plus, Eric Stonestreet is like a real life Teddy Bear! He made my time on screen even more of a blast! I won my episode, but lost in the finale. I was touched when fans of the toy contacted me directly, via email and social media, telling me how much they loved the toy concept and hoped I would go on to produce it anyway. Indeed, my appearance on “The Toy Box” was not only a blessing, but something I will always remember in delight. Thank you for having me!

About Blythe Schulte
Blythe Schulte is a businesswoman, musician, and inventor, who produces/directs/writes/manages/performs/books/acts/voiceovers in 10+ genres and 10+ languages, domestically and internationally, live and on screen. Her album release, Synesthetic, debuted at #7 on Amazon’s Broadway & Vocalists Charts. She was also a finalist on ABC’s “The Toy Box” Season 2. Blythe currently works, interns, and studies Professional Music with concentrates in Music Business, Songwriting, and Performance at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. She is part of a VR and education collaborative with Harvard Graduate students, MIT students, and other Berklee students. Her original tune, “Blythe Spirit” will be available for purchase on multiple platforms at the end of Q118! Find out more:
 @BlytheSchulte on Facebook/YouTube @JustBlytheThings on Instagram

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When I Got Kid Approval

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